Woman Sues Over Cockroach In French Fries | Commercial Pest Control In California

A red oak woman has recently filed a lawsuit after allegedly finding a cockroach in her McDonald’s French fries. The cockroach French fries came from a McDonalds located in southwest Iowa although the restaurant owners are denying the charge.


Ronda Wilkinson and her husband Tim Wilkinson ordered a McDonald’s meal as they normally would from time to time, however when they got home to eat their meal the couple claims a surprise was waiting in the bag. This was no Happy Meal as when the Wilkinson’s opened their McDonald’s bag Ronda claims she “observed a French-fried cockroach among the French Fries.”

In the official lawsuit filing Wilkinson claims that the cockroach in the French fries she was eating “caused her great anxiety and physical distress immediately and continuing to the present and into the future.”

The suit alleges that the cockroach incident occurred due to negligence by the McDonald’s restaurant in question. Official wording by the suit cite the failure to keep the McDonald’s clear of cockroaches and failure to inspect the French fries for cockroaches.

Owners of the McDonalds in question, Kosmith Inc., deny all allegations in a court document answering to the lawsuit. However no further comment has been released by Kosmith Inc. Moreover the court document does not state how much money Wilkinson is seeking.

A cockroach in the French fries is not a great way to start your evening meal, what a mess for everyone involved. If you have cockroach worries of your own we suggest contacting a pest control professional If located in California contact the pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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