Threats & Risks

Health Risks

Pest birds cause a variety of health-related risks presented by the accumulation of bird droppings and nesting materials. Pest birds have been known to spread diseases such as histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis, rickets, paratyphoid and more.

The diseases that pigeons and other problem birds spread are often present on vectors and other parasites, like ticks and fleas carried by the birds from location to location and inhabiting the birds’ nesting materials. Bacteria often reside in bird droppings as well.

The accumulation of bird droppings and nesting materials can pose a number of health risks. For instance, when bird dropping spores become airborne throughout an A/C or ventilation system, they create a “sick” building. Pigeon droppings and nesting materials around food areas can easily spread bacterial viruses. Workers coming into contact with pigeon diseased bird droppings and nests can inhale bird dropping particles in the air, as well as assimilating them through any cuts or wounds. The parasites and vectors (fleas, ticks, etc.) that live on pest birds and in their nests often “jump ship” to other animals in the area and can infect them as well.

  • Bird droppings from nesting birds begin to corrode pipes.
  • Bird droppings pose health risks around A/C units as well as corroding wires.
  • Sparrows leave a mess on tables after eating, spreading bacteria and posing a health risk.

Because of these health risks, our bird control services include parasite extermination as well as site cleanup, so your bird problem is solved completely.

Risk Caused by Damage

Bird droppings are very acidic and can actually eat away at various substrates, causing leaks in roofs, damage to paint finishes on cars and other painted surfaces, and corrosion in wiring and other machinery parts.

These same bird droppings and associated bird nesting materials can also cause machinery to clog, and can accumulate and block gutters causing water to run off in undesirable areas, leading to leaks, and in some cases, roof collapses. Other pest bird problems are caused by smaller birds like sparrows which often target signage and other machinery with electrical wiring as highly desirable nesting areas due to their warmth. The twigs, paper and straw they use for their nests can also cause fires to start easily.

Ventilation ducts and air conditioning units are favorite nesting spots of many pest birds like pigeons, sparrows and swallows due to the warmth expelled. Often the bird droppings and bird nesting materials will block these areas, causing the machinery to operate inefficiently and clog.

Our bird control services include parasite extermination as well as site cleanup, so your bird problem is solved completely.