Solutions by Species

Our bird control experts can solve these and many more tough bird problems with humane bird control products, like bird net, bird flite bird spikes, bird wire, bird coil, bird fence, electrical bird control and other permanent bird deterrents that act as bird barriers for your structure. Pigeon problems will be gone when we install our pigeon repellants!

Our bird control professionals have spent hours training for their bird deterrents certifications and our company is licensed to deal with any pest bird problem including pigeon problems, sparrows, swallows, gulls and more.

  • Are pigeons making a mess on your walkways?
  • Do sparrows nest in your machinery or disturb your restaurant patrons?
  • Have swallows taken up residence under your building’s eaves?
  • Have starlings, grackles or blackbirds white-washed your building, and not in a good way?

Pigeon Control

pigeonPigeon problems are the most common of nuisance bird problems. These pest birds live in large flocks throughout nearly every urban center in the United States, having adapted to man’s environment like a champion. Pigeons nest readily in our structures, do not fear man and have a diverse diet which is fed easily by our cities. Pigeon droppings and nesting materials are unsanitary as well as unsightly and pigeon problems cause millions of dollars in damage every year.

There are many different methods of pigeon control, depending on a number of key factors. A knowledge of bird behavior is very important when dealing with these adaptable pest birds, as they grow quickly accustomed and immune to bird scare devices like plastic owls, scare eye balloons, etc.

There are a large number of permanent pigeon control products that work very effectively for pigeon control, including: bird coil, bird wire, electrical products, bird netting, bird spikes and more. To determine the proper bird control product to use as a pigeon repellent, an analysis of the area must be taken so the right pigeon control product can be selected. There are some pigeon deterrents that are very effective if the bird problem area is a sunning spot, while other pigeon control products are more effective in roosting and nesting situations.

Seagull Problems

Seagulls are aggressive pest birds that are a regular nuisance in coastal cities, although they have caused many bird problems far inland in recent years. The buildup of large amounts of their bird droppings can result in structural damage to street lights, boats, car finishes, rooftops, etc. These are noisy pest birds also gain complaints for their pesky behavior around outdoor dining areas.

Gull control can be achieved with many different bird control products. Bird control product selection depends on the birds’ behavior and surrounding attractants like food or water sources.

There are a large number of permanent bird control products that work very effectively as bird deterrents for gulls specifically. Bird coil, bird wire, electrical products, and bird spikes are effective for at protecting ledges, signs and more from these pest birds. For large open areas like rooftops or outdoor dining areas problems, a large mesh bird netting or gull wire is very effective at keeping these soaring birds away. To determine the proper bird control product to use, an analysis of the area must be taken so the right bird control product can be selected. There are some bird repellent products that are very effective if the birds are using the problem area as a sunning spot, while other bird deterrents are more effective in roosting and nesting situations.

Sparrow Problems

sparrowSparrows are small birds that are a growing nuisance in many urban centers. They are nimble and adapt to our environment easily like pigeons, which allows sparrows to thrive and multiply in our structures. Besides the unsanitary and unhealthy bird dropping mess they leave, sparrow nests often clog machinery, sometimes starting fires, back up gutters, and more.

There are two effective methods of bird control for sparrows — bird track electrical products and bird netting. Both of these bird control products should be installed by experienced bird control professionals as any gaps or untreated areas will be overwhelmed by these intelligent pest birds. Bird net is the most effective way to exclude sparrow problems from most areas as it creates an actual bird barrier blocking the sparrows access to the area completely.

Blackbird, Starling & Grackle Problems

blackbirdBlackbirds, starlings and grackles are all members of the same bird family and the bird control products used to solve the bird problem in a problem area are the same.┬áThese pest birds are notorious for their huge, noisy flocks and their “whitewash” spraying of bird droppings. They aggressively drive out native bird populations and have learned to adapt to city life with its abundance of food and nesting sites.

There are several methods of bird control for blackbirds, starlings or grackle populations. Selection of the best bird control product depends entirely on where the pest birds are locating themselves and the surrounding structures or areas.

Permanent physical bird deterrents like electrical bird track products and bird netting are both extremely effective as bird deterrents against blackbirds, starlings and grackles. These bird control products should be installed by experienced professionals so these intelligent pest birds cannot find any open gaps in the bird net or areas unprotected by the bird track.

In some situations, when the above bird control products are not practical for use, random variety bird scare noisemakers can be combined with fogging of an irritant substance (that doesn’t harm the birds — it’s like cayenne pepper to us) in regular and proper intervals as determined by bird behavior specialists. In using products to scare birds, the noisemakers and visual bird scarers must be rotated frequently and should be combined with the taste irritant for full effectiveness.

Swallow Bird Control

nestsSwallows are often a problem or nuisance in suburban areas, as their mud nests damage and deface outer walls/eaves of residences and office buildings. An eye sore and health hazard, swallow droppings from large swallow colonies often end up smeared on buildings and collect on the ground below as well. The mud nests swallows build are a haven for parasites that often work their way into buildings, causing a serious health hazard for the inhabitants. Removal of swallow nests is important because if the swallow nests are left for long periods, the nests and droppings result in permanent stains on the building, ruining the appearance.

Swallow damage to building owners includes:

  • extra clean up costs from swallow nest and droppings and
  • concern over slip and fall liability from swallow dropping buildup, plus
  • an unclean, dirty company image

Diseases caused by swallows are a result of bacteria, fungal agents and parasites found in swallow droppings and nests that host serious diseases like:

  • histoplasmosis
  • encephalitis
  • salmonella
  • meningitis
  • toxoplasmosis
  • and many more

Like other unwanted houseguests, swallows tend to leave undesirable things behind when they depart for their winter migration southward. Removal of swallow nests is important because if left the mud nests are often reinhabited by sparrows looking to take advantage of the free housing. Swallows also leave their insects like fleas and mites, plus bacteria in droppings. Without the swallows these insects often move into the home looking for new hosts — you!

It’s best to treat swallow problems proactively, installing swallow control products for prevention of swallows building their mud nests in the first place. If the swallows have already begun to build, swallow nest removal must occur before the swallows lay eggs as swallows are protected migratory birds.

Important Legal Information About Swallow Control Methods

Because swallows are a protected bird species under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, you cannot disturb their mud nests once they lay their eggs. It is illegal to intentionally kill, injure or take any migratory bird from the nest, eggs, or young of a swallow while it is being built or in use. The Act allows fines or prison sentences for every bird, egg or nest destroyed. Swallow control methods must be in place before the swallows take up residence. If you had a swallow problem previously, odds are they will return to your structure the next year, as they are territorial birds.

Swallow Nest Removal

Removal of swallow nests must be timed to their swallows’ annual migration departure. Swallows and their nests are protected and the nests cannot legally be removed until swallows have migrated south and vacated their nests. Once the swallows have vacated their nests you can safely remove the mud nests. As part of the swallow nest removal process, decontamination of the area is highly recommended to also remove the parasites, ticks, fleas, bedbugs and bacteria that are often living within the swallow nests as well. After decontamination, swallow prevention experts will pressure wash the area to remove the swallow nest and dropping mess, eliminating all traces of the birds, including smell (which will attract them back the following year to the same place). Once the swallow mess is cleared, it is highly recommend that a swallow prevention product be installed as swallows are birds that love to return to their same nesting spots year after year. is installed to prevent future mishaps

Swallow Prevention Products

There are many swallow proofing products and methods to prevent swallows from nesting. Many pest control companies use netting, wire, and scare techniques. The use of bird gel and wiring is not only ineffective, it is also unpleasant to the eye. Bird Solutions is a certified BirdSlideTM installer. Birdslide is the most effective swallow control product for prevention of swallows building nests on your facility.

Crow and Raven Control

Crows and ravens are loud, raucous birds and this is generally the most frequent complaint about these pest birds. When flocks settle, they often harass people and animals in “their” area. These highly intelligent birds are scavengers and eat a wide variety of foods, including many crops, making them a big agricultural pest bird.

Like gulls and pigeons, crows and ravens can be kept off ledges with permanent bird control devices like: bird coil, bird wire, electrical products, and bird spikes. For complete crow exclusion from an area, 2″ mesh bird netting is recommended. While a lone scarecrow will not generally be effective, an organized bird scare campaign can have some success. As with starlings and blackbirds, variable noisemakers and other bird scare devices, combined with fogging of an irritant, can be effective in wide open areas like orchards.

To determine the proper crow control product to use, an analysis of the area must be taken so the right bird deterrent product can be selected. There are some bird repellants that are very effective if the crows are using the problem area as a sunning spot, while others are more effective in roosting and nesting situations.