Pigeon Netting Installation at Indian Springs Air Force Base

Pigeon Problem

The Army Corp of Engineers was in the process of building a new hangar at Indian Springs Air Force Base to house the Predator remote controlled aircraft. As other hangars at other military bases around the world have developed pigeon problems due to their beam structure that is very attractive to pigeons for roosting and nesting, it was decided that rather than let a pigeon problem develop, they would install pigeon control products as a preventative measure as part of the building process.

Pigeon Control Product Solution

Our bird control team worked with the Army Corp of Engineers and subcontractor Okland Engineering to install pigeon control netting across the entire underside of the beam structure of the hangar. When installing any bird control net in such an large space, it is important to make sure there are no gaps in the pigeon net cable support system or where the pigeon netting is attached to the cable support system so the pigeons cannot access the beam area at all. Many bird control installation companies do not have the experience working with such large pigeon net installations to know how to maintain a consistent pull with the pigeon net during instalaltion to remove all gaps, and many are not used to working with the boom lifts required for a job of this scale. For this installation, 3/4 inch mesh bird net was selected for installation to exclude all bird species from taking up residence.

Bird netting comes in various sizes to combat different bird species. The 3/4 inch mesh size bird net excludes all bird species, from pigeons to sparrows. The bird netting consists of twisted and knotted polyethylene twine designed to last 10 years or more, and bird net is one of the most effective pigeon control products on the market. The pigeon net installation included the use of net zippers to allow access for maintenance on lighting fixtures. Once installed, the pigeon net effectively blocks the pigeons access to the entire area and forces them to leave as there are no area to perch anymore.

Pigeon netting is installed horizontally across the entire hangar ceiling by using a boom lift for access to ensure that no gaps for pigeons to roost or nest in the beam structure above. Pigeon net is nearly invisible once installed from ground level, making for a pigeon free, clean facility without an instrusive looking pigeon control product installation.

The pigeon net installed at Indian Springs Air Force Base keeps pigeons from defecating on the high tech equipment (Predator aircraft) stored below. The pigeon net presents an impenetrable barrier to the pigeons that want to access the rafters.