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Pest bird problems disappear when you call the Bird Solutions team of bird control experts! We have extensive experience solving tough bird problems for government and military agencies, commercial and industrial organizations, and homeowners with guaranteed bird deterrents. Call today to find out how easily and quickly your bird problems can be abated.

Threats & Risks

nestsPest birds cause a variety of health-related risks presented by the accumulation of bird droppings and nesting materials. Pest birds have been known to spread diseases such as histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis, rickets, paratyphoid and more.

Bird droppings are very acidic and can actually eat away at various substrates, causing leaks in roofs, damage to paint finishes on cars and other painted surfaces, and corrosion in wiring and other machinery parts.

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Solutions by Species

Information on specific problem bird threats and the types of bird deterrents that work best for each species, including pigeons, swallows, seagulls, crows, ravens, sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, and grackles.

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We offer a wide variety of bird control, pest control and maintenance services for our customers, including: Custom bird control service quotes, site cleanup, parasite extermination, pressure washing, and bay exclusion.

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Structural bird control products are the most effective bird deterrents available. Bird control products like BirdNet create a bird barrier that completely blocks access to the installed area, while other bird control products like BirdSpikes and BirdWire effectively deter pest birds from landing. Proper bird control product selection looks at the structure and surrounding areas, the type of pest bird to be deterred, and how committed problem birds are to remaining in the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our bird control services, including: “Do you harm the birds?”, “Will your bird control products be more visible than the mess the birds are making?”, and “The birds are not harmful; why can’t I just leave them?”.

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About our Bird Solutions

Bird Solutions has over 15 years of experience in the bird control industry. Our company possesses all of the regulatory certifications and training needed to complete any size bird control job with any problem bird. We have handled bird jobs at stadiums, nuclear power plants, military bases, warehouses, piers, retail shopping centers, office buildings, universities and many other difficult bird control jobs.

Bird Solutions has extensive experience with government and military agencies, commercial and industrial organizations, and individual homeowners. We solve tough bird problems with guaranteed bird deterrents. Call us today to find out how easily and quickly your problems can be abated.
Our Mission

To be the leading global bird control company, committed to delivering unsurpassed quality and innovative customized methods. We will exceed client expectations while meeting budget constraints, and utilize discreet, humane, lasting solutions.

Company Profile

Bird Solutions

Bird Solutions International specializes in bird control, deterrence, extermination and clean up. We are an integrated, long-term solution provider, able to help you and your organization reduce risks such as respiratory ailments, viral infections, food poisoning and property damage due to bird pests. Some of our methods include the use of innovative products such as BirdFence, StealthNet, BIRDSLIDE™, and many more individual products, approaches and solutions.

Our company is SBA Certified, GSA Certified and we accept government purchase card orders. Bird Solutions is an American/Hispanic owned business and we have a pre-qualification statement and references available upon request.


The Bird Solutions team has performed bird abatement work all across the United States, and in several countries internationally. Our bird control customer base spans the spectrum from Fortune 1000 companies, to government and military, to small business and homeowners. The list below is a representative sample of bird control jobs we have completed for different organizations.

  • Pacifica Enterprises
  • S. Navy, North Island
  • Marriot Residence Inn
  • Euclid Property Management
  • Archstone Property Management
  • Orkin Exterminators
  • Terminix International
  • Pfizer
  • Lamar Advertising
  • Clear Channel Advertising
  • Grant A&M Church
  • Target
  • PF Chang’s China Bistro
  • Robinsons May
  • Investors Property Management
  • Victorian Hotel
  • Admin L.L.C.
  • Condo Management Services
  • Brunner & Rossi Management
  • Lordon Property Management