Pigeon Netting Installation at North Island Naval Station

Pigeon Problem

Pigeons were causing problems over at North Island Nanval Station in the hangars. The pigeons were roosting in the rafters and beams above the airplanes and making a mess that meant lots of time and energy devoted to cleanup, as well as potential problems caused by pigeon droppings or nesting materials embedding themselves in high tech equipment.

Pigeon Control Product Solution

Our bird control team worked with the Army Corp of Engineers to solve the pigeon problems at North Island Naval Station, by installing pigeon netting across the entire beam structure of the hangar to effectively block pigeon access completely. This pigeon control product installation required the use of 60’ boom lifts to install the pigeon control products and took 2 weeks to complete. Pigeon netting is a 2 inch mesh of twisted and knotted polyethylene twine designed to last 10 years or more and pigeon ent is one of the most effective pigeon control products on the market. The pigeon net installation included the use of net zippers to allow access for maintenance on lighting fixtures. Once installed, the pigeon net effectively blocks the pigeons access to the entire area and forces them to leave as there are no area to perch anymore. The pigeon net was also installed outside in the loading dock area to deter pigeons from the entire building area.

Pigeon netting installed horizontally across the entire beam structure of a hangar at North Island Naval Station effectively blocks the pigeons access to beams and lighting units where pigeons were roosting and nesting.

The pigeon net installed at North Island Naval Station keeps pigeons from defecating on the planes and high tech equipment stored below. Before the pigeon netting was installed, significant labor was required for cleanup so there wouldn’t be damage from pigeon droppings and nesting materials to the planes or equipment.