Commercial Services

commercial services

Innovative Pest Solution’s Commercial Integrated Pest Management Program is dedicated to protecting your reputation and environment through a well thought out customized process that ensures Safe Effective treatments, combined with detailed electronic documentation to insure accountability. This commitment is based on Innovative Pest Solution’s expected standards of performance, to insure client satisfaction.

High-touch Account Management

Innovative Pest Solutions High Touch Account Management service structure is designed to ensure service follow-up and quick issue resolution. We will dedicate an account management resource to mobilize and coordinate our resources and synchronize our service delivery with the goals and objectives of your organization. Our emphasis on proactive communication and closing the loop is backed by an extensive local and regional service organization that delivers quick and effective resolution to any pest issues.

Full Service Capabilities

Innovative Pest Solutions is a specialist in the commercial, Southern California marketplace. As such, we provide the most comprehensive list of services to meet your needs.

Communication and Documentation

Communication and documentation are critical components of our IPM partnership. The goal of our communication and documentation is to provide consistent, informative, and valued information to you. Due to staff turnover that may occur at a facility, the communication and documentation exchange is viewed as an ongoing process, not a one-time event. As such, we have developed many specific tools to facilitate this process. The many communication and documentation tools that will be utilized in our program are listed below.


As an innovator in providing unparalleled pest management solutions, Innovative Pest Solutions utilizes a proprietary data reporting system – PestTrack. As a result we have the ability to provide a wide range of options for communication, documentation and reporting by having the service data available in electronic format. Innovative Pest Solutions is continuing to improve our PestTrack program as client needs evolve. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our reporting capabilities in meeting your informational needs.

Available PestTrack Basic Report Information:

  • Pest Activity Noted
  • Structural deficiencies
  • sanitation conditions
  • Material(s) used
  • Quantity of material(s) used
  • Technique(s) application(s)

  • Target pest(s) treated
  • Area(s) treated
  • recommendations
  • Time in and time out
  • Equipment