Innovative is always very responsive and ready. Which gives us as a serviced client a wonderful experience with the interaction. I find that in the present times it is so challenging to get service vendors to respond to your request the first time, I don't find that problem with Innovative and there is no resistance when I ask for things that need getting done, only a attitude of how can we accomplish your needs. THAT, makes you guys INCREDIBLE!!!!


Patrick was informative and very easy to work with. He was on time and considerate.

Aaron Reid

Aaron provided friendly, knowledgeable, professional advice and service at a reasonable price. Highly recommended!

Brother Goodness

David is professional and courteous. We always receive great service.


The service and communication is great between the tech and management. He gives us tips on how to prevent pests from becoming a problem here on-site.

Erika Brimage

Staff on time and prepared. Very knowledgeable. Always ready to answer any questions.

John Stewart

Always great, prompt, service and understandable explanations.

Veronica Medina