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In an unfortunate accident a Cameron County man was stung hundreds of times by a swarm of Bees.


Luis Maldonado was just trying to enjoy himself outdoors on his patio when he fell victim to the bee attack.

The source of the bees came from a large hive in a neighboring vacant home, owned by Harlington District 2 Commissioner Tudor Uhlhorn. Now Uhlhorn has been forced to tear down his vacant property to avoid any further injuries or bad press.

Once the attack started Maldonado desperately started a search for a place where he could drown the bees. Maldonado recalls the incident stating; “I remember the canal didn’t have no water, so I turned on the faucet and I watered myself all up, all I could, all I could.”,

Medics and nurses treating Maldonado ended up removing approximately 300 stingers, some still with dead bees attached.

Maldonando has forgiving attitude towards the abandonment and disregard carried out by homeowner Uhlhorn which led to the massive hive. According to Maldonado all he hopes for is that the house will come down soon.

It is never a good idea to leave a bee hive residing in a residence untreated, make sure to contact a pest control professional if your home or place of business is swarming with bees.

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