32nd Street Naval Station Pigeon Control Problem

Pigeon Problem

At the 32nd Street Naval Station, our bird control team worked as a subcontractor through Strong Hold Engineering that was working with the Army Corp of Engineers to solve pigeon problems at 32nd Street Naval Station. Pigeons were roosting and nesting in the support beams and lights above, then the birds defecated all over materials being shipped through the warehouse. This created unsanitary conditions and resulted in cleanup and hazardous materials issues for the workers in the area. This particular pigeon control product installation required the use of 60’ boom lifts to install the pigeon control products and took about 6 weeks to complete.

Pigeon Control Product Solution

Pigeon netting, a 2 inch mesh of twisted and knotted polyethylene twine designed to last 10 years or more, was installed horizontally to block off access to the many support beams and lighting fixtures where the pigeons were roosting and nesting. The pigeon net installation included the use of net zippers to allow access for maintenance on lighting fixtures. Once installed, the pigeon net effectively blocks the pigeons access to the entire area and forces them to leave as there are no area to perch anymore. The pigeon net was also installed outside in the loading dock area to deter pigeons from the entire building area.

Pigeon netting installed horizontally across the ceiling of a warehouse at 32nd Street Naval Station effectively blocks the pigeons access to beams and lighting units where pigeons were roosting and nesting.
Pigeon net was installed horizontally on this loading dock outside to keep pigeons from roosting and nesting there as well.

The pigeon net installed at 32nd Street Naval Station keeps pigeons from defecating on the materials warehoused below. Before the pigeon netting was installed, materials were damaged from pigeon droppings and extra cleaning of the pigeon droppings required as well, resulting in significant labor.

The pigeon netting was installed to completely deter pigeons from entering the support beam and lighting area. However, net zippers were installed to give workers needed access for maintenance, while still keeping pigeons away.