Rodent Solutions

We Offer A Five Step Guaranteed Solution!

home inspectionStep One: Free rodent Inspection

We will perform a FREE thorough top to bottom rodent inspection of your home or business. We will provide you with a detailed written report that list the severity of your infestation, all points of entry that need to be excluded, any sanitation or clutter issues that may need to be addressed, landscape issues that are contributing, tree’s that may need to be trimmed back and neighbor environmental factors that may be contributing to your infestation. We will complete the report with all of our recommendations to resolve your nuisance rodent issues

Step Two: Attic Cleaning and Decontamination (Optional)

Rats, birds, and bats in your attic can create a large mess potential odor problem as well as a health concern associated with bacteria and disease from large amounts of built up fecal materials.  We perform attic cleaning and insulation removal service that become contaminated with droppings, odors and urine by animals. We also offer a  very effective green heat Technology that can be used in lieu of insulation replacement. Heat will kill  an be used to kill bacteria and disease as well as deodorize the areas treated

Step 3: Exclusion

We prevent the rodent from coming back and re-infesting the area by excluding all points of entry.

  • Rodent Exclusion Service Guaranteed No Re-infestation
  • Because a full grown adult rat can contort their bodies down to the size of a quarter and mice down to the size of  dime, finding all points of entry may be very difficult. Rats and mice can be found at various structural points from the ground level to the highest peak of your home. That is why it is important to hire a qualified licensed pest control company. Innovative Pest Solutions well inspect every inch of your home around the house perimeter, around the garage, and crawl space and attic. We are experts at locating these hidden entry points and professionally sealing them all without affecting your home’s natural ventilation or architectural aesthetics.

Step Four: Rodent removal

Our Normal trapping program will normally requires at least a minimum of three visits to trap all of the rodent trapped inside the structure post exclusion. More severe infestations may require additional visits.Our technicians will inspect and reset traps until we are confident that your home or business is rodent free.

Step Five: Rodent reduction program

Neighborhood and environmental factors may contribute to high rodent population in and around your home or business. Rodent reduction services consist of an ongoing program designed to keep those population down to a minimum around your home or business.

Step Six: Post treatment follow up inspection

We will perform a follow up inspection within 90 days of certifying your home or business rodent free. The inspection will be performed to insure that all there is no new interior activity, that all exclusion is working and all recommended corrective measure are complete. We will provide you with a detailed report post inspection