Structural bird control products are the most effective bird deterrents available. Bird control products like BirdNet create a bird barrier that completely blocks access to the installed area, while other bird control products like BirdSpikes and BirdWire effectively deter pest birds from landing. Proper bird control product selection looks at the structure and surrounding areas, the type of pest bird to be deterred, and how committed problem birds are to remaining in the area.

Our bird control professionals have spent hours training for their bird deterrent certifications, and our company is licensed to deal with any pest bird problem, including pigeons, sparrows, swallows, gulls and even bat and other pest problems.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are an effective deterrent for pigeons, crows, gulls or other large birds. The pigeon spikes work by preventing pigeons from landing on ledges, rooflines, pipes, gutters, chimneys, signage, security cameras and more. Bird Spikes’ thin, stainless steel rods protrude from a UV-resistant polycarbonate base that deters pigeons, crows, gulls and other large birds from landing on ledges or other areas where bird spike is installed. Bird spikes rods are blunt-tipped so they won’t harm the problem birds or maintenance workers that need access, plus the base is flexible for use deterring birds on curved structures like pipes and signs.

Bird Wire

Bird Wire is a nylon-coated, spring-tensioned, stainless steel wire system strung at alternating heights to create an unstable platform that deters the problem birds from landing. It is an effective bird deterrent against pigeons, crows, gulls and larger birds. Bird Wire is a nearly invisible bird repellent from even short distances, winning the GSA’s approval for use repelling birds on historical projects. There are a variety of attachments for use deterring birds from beams and pipes, as well as the standard glue base or masonry anchors. Bird Wire is typically installed on long exposed ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, etc. to prevent problem birds from landing there.

Bird Wire

Bird Coil

Bird Coil repeller is made of high-grade stainless steel, and is a perfect bird repellant for long, narrow, exposed ledges. It is also an adaptable bird deterrent for most architectural details. The coil de-stabilizes the ledge, causing problem pigeons and gulls to take their mess elsewhere. Bird Coil has rounded curves that are harmless to both birds and unsuspecting workers needing access to ledges. It is effective bird control against pigeons, crows, gulls and larger birds.

Electrical Bird Control Products

Electrical Bird Control Products are effective against all bird species, including pigeons, sparrows and all other problem bird species. These bird repellant products can be installed on ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, roofs, or anywhere pest birds are nesting or roosting. These bird control products are typically low-profile made from PVC track with aluminum conductors and emit a harmless conditioning shock, similar to a static electric jolt that convinces problem birds to leave the area. The electric bird track system and the electrified bird wire system are two very low-profile ways of protecting ledges and rooftops from problem birds almost invisibly.

Bird Net

Bird Net

Bird Net offers effective bird control against all bird species to protect enclosed areas and openings, such as courtyards, roof tops, overhangs, parking garages, and outdoor dining areas. Bird net is made from high density polyethylene twine that is both twisted and knotted. Each thin, strong polyethylene strand of bird control netting contains UV-resistant chemicals to make for a long-lasting bird net installation. Bird Net is fire-retardant and will not rot or absorb water. Typically installed on a cable system, Bird Net has a wide variety of available attachments allowing it to conform to any type of architectural configuration. Pigeon net has larger mesh and is almost indiscernible from even close up. Bird net is also available in smaller mesh sizes to completely exclude any species of problem bird like sparrows and swallows as well.

Daddi Long Legs

Daddi Long Legs repeller keeps pigeons, crows, gulls and larger birds from large flat areas like rooftops, A/C units and street lights. The long, stainless steel, blunt-tipped rods wave menacingly, scaring problem birds from landing as they spin from a mounted Delrin plastic base. This hard-to-see bird control product can also be used as a bird repellent on patio umbrellas or to solve pigeon problems on boat decks and canopies. The rotating top of this bird deterrent is removable for easy access to maintenance areas.

Eagle-Eye Bird Scarer

Eagle-Eye Bird Scarer is a silent, harmless method of chasing pest birds away from a given area. It can deter birds from buildings, runways, agricultural settings, industrial complexes, golf courses, and public areas. The reflective pyramid rotates via an electric motor, sending filtered light beams in a menacing pattern. The ultraviolet and infrared bands in the light spectrum are enhanced and reflected back, disorientating the birds in flight and limiting their vision by 50%. This causes the bird to deviate in flight and fly to another destination.