Pigeon Netting Installation at Oregon State University Stadium

Pigeon Problem

Oregon State University had just finished construction on a new football stadium. They realized that the architecture of the structure was very attractive to pigeons for nesting and roosting, so they specified 3/4 inch mesh bird netting to be installed after construction as a preventative measure of protection against pigeon problems or other bird problems from developing later. Our bird control experts worked as a subcontractor to Isec Construction, a subcontractor of the General Contractor, Hunt/Wildish.

This was a very complicated pigeon netting installation as access to the overhang was incredibly difficult. A general boom lift was not possible to use for access, so our pigeon control team had to use a swing stage under the canopy to gain access to all of the areas to install the pigeon net.

Pigeon Control Product Solution

It is imperative when installing pigeon netting to make sure there are no gaps in the bird net cable support system or the bird netting cable attachments so the problem birds are completely denied access to the protected area and there are no holes for the pigeons to squeeze throgh. Pigeons, sparrows and other pest birds that have been nesting in an area can be especially determined to remain in that area and will try to squeeze through any opening they can to get back to their nesting spots. That is why the proper spacing of pigeon net attaching to the cable support structure is vitally important. Many bird control installation companies do not have experience installating large pigeon net jobs and they do not know how to maintain a consistent pull with the pigeon netting itself during instalaltion to remove all gaps. Also, many bird control installation companies are not used to working working with boom lifts and other types of special access required for many large scale pigeon net jobs.

Bird netting comes in various sizes to combat different bird species. The 3/4 inch mesh size bird net excludes all bird species, from pigeons to sparrows. Bird netting consists of twisted and knotted polyethylene twine designed to last 10 years or more, and bird net is one of the most effective pigeon control products on the market. The pigeon net installation included the use of net zippers to allow access for maintenance on lighting fixtures. Once installed, the pigeon net effectively blocks the pigeons access to the entire area and forces them to leave as there are no area to perch anymore.

Bird control netting hangs from the overhangs of the new stadium at Oregon State University. Bird net was installed as a preventative measure to deter pigeons and other birds from nesting and roosting in the beam structure of the overhang which is highly desirable to pigeons and other birds generally. Pigeon net is nearly invisible once installed from ground level, making for a bird free, clean facility without an instrusive looking pigeon control product installation.

The bird net was installed by our team of bird control experts hanging from a special swing stage to gain access to the far areas of the underside of the overhangs to attach the pigeon net. The bird netting was stretched all along the underside of the overhangs to completely block access to the support beam structure so desirable to pigeons, sparrows and other problem birds for nesting.