Home Depot Bird Problem Solved

Bird Problem: Home Depot’s bird problems involved sparrows nesting inside one of their warehouse stores. To complicate matters, the sparrows were locating above the checkout area, making a tremendous mess with their bird droppings, creating a slip and fall liability for the business and concern over the potential for disease from bird droppings. A permanent bird deterrent was deemed necessary by our bird control service team.

Bird Control Solution: Bird net in 3/4″ mesh was installed by our bird control service experts to create a permanent bird barrier as a repellent to the sparrows accessing the area. Bird netting is the most effective form of bird control, as it completely blocks the pest bird access to the protected area. The bird netting also blends nicely with its surroundings, making it a very low visibility bird control product as well. The red arrows on the photos below point out the bird net lines, showing the bird barrier created by installing this bird control product.