Oceanside Pier Pigeon Problems

Bird Problem: The city of Oceanside had a BIG bird problem on their hands. Over two thousand pigeons were nesting underneath the pier and the bird dropping mess was overwhelming. In addition to the pigeon problem, pelicans and sea gulls were loafing and roosting on top all of the pier structures, making cleanup necessary too often. The city was also concerned about the risk of disease from pigeons or other bird droppings and requested a permanent bird barrier like bird spike or bird netting be installed by our pigeon control services experts.

Bird Control Product Solution: Our bird control services experts assessed the pigeon control problem and found the best solution for the overall bird problem underneath the pier was to install bird netting to block access to the support beams where the problem pigeons were nesting. To solve the bird problems on top of the pier, bird net was installed in a canopy style over the roofs of the pier structures, effectively creating a bird barrier blocking the birds’ access. once these bird control products were installed, the pigeon problems and other pest birds found a more desirable roosting location.