Valley Mom Battles Scorpions And Landlord | San Diego Commercial Pest Control

One North Phoenix mom is claiming that her apartment complex is infested with scorpions and she is calling out management for not properly stopping the infestation.


Asur Cammarato and family now find walking with a black light to be a nightly routine to help get around while avoiding scorpion stings. Cammarato claims that just this past weekend she found three scorpions and dozens more over the last few months. “It’s ridiculous, I’m scared every single day of my life,” Cammarato exclaimed on the matter.

Furthermore Cammarato stated that “We play blocks on the couch cause we can’t go on the floor, I’m too scared, (of scorpions)”

Cammarato’s neighbors have also shared in the horror of the scorpion infestation as there is one woman who just moved out after being stung six times. “All my neighbors have problems, and they’re not talking about it cause they’re scared of retaliation.” Cammarato stated.

It is Cammarato’s opinion that her landlord and management do not care to stop the scorpions and that the responsibility lies solely on her.

In a statement from the complex’s management a spokesperson had the following to report on the matter; “We take any pest situation very seriously and have communicated as such to Ms. Cammarato. The resident has been scheduled for pest control services. We did respond to her prior request for pest treatment last November; and at that time our team took every precaution including sealing any crevices in the unit and having pest control services visit the unit. In addition, we offered the option to transfer to a different unit at no charge (which was declined.) At that time, no scorpions were found in her apartment.”

This situation seems to be a game of tug of war in which no one wants to take responsibility for eradicating the scorpion issue. If you find yourself battling scorpions make sure to enlist the help of a pest control professional. If located in Southern California contact the scorpion control and general pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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