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Recently a passenger aboard train number 12045 from New Delhi to Chandigarh found a surprise ingredient in the soup they were served; a cockroach! It seems the railway authorities are not too concerned with the quality of the food they serve.


Not only did passenger Anil Kumar find a cockroach in his soup once but twice! After returning his first bowl of cockroach infused soup Kumar was served a second bowl of soup only to find a cockroach in that serving as well.

In a written complaint statement to the train’s food inspector, Kumar stated that the quality of the food served was “pathetic”.

According to the spokesman for the Northern Railway an inquiry would be conducted against the food contractor by a senior official and if the contractor was found guilty he would be fined heavily.

Years ago the railway instituted a policy in which “a pre-board inspection of the food and pantry will be done by a team of officials”. However somehow the inspection failed to notice cockroaches in the soup, twice!

Kumar is mystified as to how he could be served a roach infested soup not only once but twice in the dame sitting and now he hopes his complaints will force action so that this will not happen again.

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