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Recently a rather comical video involving a skittish family and a pesky spider has been making its rounds on the web and on social media.

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The father is likely wishing that the family’s home surveillance camera was off during the time of the spider disturbance as his over the top reaction is now saved for all the world to see.

In the video the man rushes into the home after accidentally walking through a spider’s nest and starts begging his wife and daughter for help. “Is it on me? Look, please, for real,” the father pleads in the video as he flings around to show them. Once the mother and daughter pair look upon the dad’s area of concern the screams of the video indicate that the duo defiantly spotted something.

Upon hearing his family’s screams and out of fear of spiders the father then rips off his shirt then proceeds to run across the room in sheer terror.

“Daddy, you screamed like a little girl!” his daughter exclaims in the video laughing all the while. “I felt him on me!” is all the father can reply with in protest.

Just as the family is beginning to recover from the spider attack, the daughter says, “I wish I had that on video”. To which the mother replies “Oh, we have that on video,” in reference to the home surveillance that was only momentarily overlooked during spider terror.

If you have spider terror or a spider infestation of your own troubling you, it is recommended that you contact a pest control professional to help eradicate the issue. If located in Southern California contact the general and commercial pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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