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Recently a town in Tennessee has been overrun by spiders and spider webs!


The spiders have managed to stretch a web that is almost a half a mile long across Memphis. From afar the web looks like a harmless morning dew but when up close the terrifying truth is revealed that eight legged terrors created the web of horror.

Local Ida Morris stated that ‘I’ve seen about 20 on my porch just in the last day,’’ and her friend Debra Lewis added “You can’t even sit in her house because they’re all on the wall, on the door,’ she said. ‘We’ve been killing spiders for about an hour now.”

The mass amount of spider has certainly got the locals spooked however some experts believe the spiders have always been there but they were unnoticed until now. Memphis Zoo curator Steve Reichling explains this theory as follows; ‘It’s a mass dispersal of the millions of tiny spiders that have always been in that field, unnoticed til now. It could be juveniles – millions – in a big emergence event, or adults of a tiny species – probably a sheetweb spider – leaving for some reason possibly knowable only to them.’’

Whatever the reason the town is up in arms, at least eight arms, over the spider issue! To best avoid a spider problem at your home it is recommended to contact a pest control expert in your area. If located in San Diego or Southern California contact the pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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