Rodent Found In Grocery Store Bacon Isle | Southern California Pest Control

Recently a picture of a rodent on the bacon at a local grocery store has gone viral over the internet. According to the person who took the photograph the rodent was seen on the bacon at a Lena’s Food Market on Milwaukee’s north side.


Now the grocery store chain has been forced to take action. According to Lena’s customer Carolyn Cotton It looks cleaner. “It smells cleaner, and if you go in there and address that to them, I bet you they say they clean it up,”.

According to an official statement by Lena’s “Upon learning of the isolated incident, owners and management have pulled and destroyed any and all affected products, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the area, sealed off entry points and ramped up existing pest prevention and control policies.”

Even Milwaukee Alderman Ashanti Hamilton frequents the Lena’s in question and received many questioning phone calls from his constituents. Regarding the rodent issue Hamilton had the following to say; “It was gross. Nobody expects to be walking through a grocery store and see something like that. I don’t care if it’s a corner store or a major chain, nobody expects to see that while they are shopping,”.

Furthermore once the photo had made its way across the web, the Milwaukee Health Department was stepped in and ordered a full inspection.

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