How To Scorpion Defense Guide | Southern California Pest Control

Identifying scorpions in the home is not always easy but is important to avoid injury. In general a sting from a scorpion can cause pain, tingling, twitching, quivering, difficulty swallowing or even worse. There are only a few types of scorpions that could be potentially fatal to a human however it is best to not take any chances by being properly prepared.

Innovative Scoprion

Common scorpions such as the bark scorpion are usually small, measuring about two to three inches, and are tan or yellowish in color. These scorpions are commonly active at night and are more easily spotted in the home with a black-light flashlight. Bark scorpions unlike other scorpions, will congregate with other scorpions in the winter so one must be extra cautious during this period of the year.

To best prevent a scorpion problem at your home make sure to do routine walk troughs of the home looking in all the nooks and crannies a pest could hide. It is important to note that scorpions commonly live for three to seven years and if a scorpion population in your home is not actively controlled an infestation could get out of hand.

Some specific trouble areas to look for are as follows; worn out weather stripping on doors and windows, unnecessary objects on the ground, leaves and debris around the house, overgrown vegetation, leaky faucets, and tree limbs that hang over the roof of home. If you check and maintain these trouble areas you will be well on your way to being scorpion free.

If you require additionally support it is recommended to contact a pest control professional before injury occurs; if located in Southern California contact the general and commercial pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!