Tips for a Bug Free Spring Break

Tips for a Bug Free Spring Break

With spring break just around the corner, many of us are busy making big travel plans. Between booking your flight, reserving your hotel room, planning your itinerary, and packing, you might be wondering when the actual fun will begin!

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in bed bug infestations, including in vacation lodgings such as hotels, resorts, and cruise ships. Bed bugs do not discriminate – these pests are happy to make even a 5 star hotel their home. When making all the necessary arrangements for a luxurious spring break, make sure you are also taking preventative measures against bedbugs.

So, before you board the plane to your vacation destination, review these three easy tips for bed bug safety when checking into your resort.

1. Store luggage in the bathroom. This might seem crazy, but the bathroom is the least likely place you’d find bed bugs in the case of an infested hotel room. Bed bugs prefer to hide in warm places like beds and pillows, so keep your belongings away from these areas where they could pick up critters by storing them in the bathroom.

2. Check the room. Upon entering your vacation lodgings, give the place a once-over from floor to ceiling, starting with the bed. Bed bugs are small, but not invisible. If you think you see something creeping across the sheets, don’t lie down!

3. Voice your concern. If you suspect your room might be crawling with bed bugs, let the front desk know. Don’t be shy – ask to be moved to a new room a couple floors away if possible. Hotel management will want to know about the possible presence of bed bugs so that the pests can be eradicated fast.

Nothing will ruin a trip faster than a suitcase crawling with critters! No matter where you are vacationing this spring break, avoid bed bugs by taking these few simple precautions. From all of us at Bed Bug Solutions, have a safe vacation – and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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