Chicago Hotel Faces Bed Bug Lawsuit

Chicago Hotel Faces Bed Bug Lawsuit

If you work in the hospitality industry, you understand how important it is to make your guests feel at home in your hotel. Despite all the efforts of hotel managers to ensure comfort for all guests, one pesky critter continues to sabotage hotel stays nationwide: Bed Bugs!

Recently, unhappy hotel patrons have caused more than just a headache – thanks to a rise in bed bug infestations in hotels across the US, some are now facing million dollar lawsuits.

During her stay at a Holiday Inn Express in the Chicago area in 2012, hotel guest Donna Brumfield had a run in with these pesky critters. After her first night’s stay in the Palatine hotel, Ms. Brumfield noticed that she was covered in bed bug bites.

According to a local news source, while hotel management conducted an investigation of her room, urgent care physicians at a local emergency room concluded that the pests had infested Ms. Brumfield’s hair, which she wore in waist-length dreadlocks.

The traumatized tennis coach was forced to shave off her long locks as a result of the hotel’s bed bug take-over. She is now seeking retribution to the tune of $50,000 – a small fee compared to similar lawsuits in recent years that awarded hotel guests up to $7 million in damages for bed bug bites.

As both parties have learned in Chicago, nothing good can come from a run in with bed bugs. To protect yourself and your hotel guests from unnecessary trauma caused by these sneaky pests, take care to prevent bed bugs from spreading and thriving in your guest rooms.

When bed bugs find their way into your hotel, stowed away in the luggage of registered guests, they will likely overstay their welcome long after checkout.

Avoid expensive lawsuits and unhappy guests – arm your establishment with early bed bug detection. Once you suspect bed bugs have made their way into your hotel, don’t wait to call the experts in bed bug eradication at Bed Bug Solutions!