Canine Detection: Meet Leroy

Bed bugs on the rise

More and more these days, bed bugs are ruthlessly latching on to sleeping Americans all across the country. Infestations are making the news from east coast to west coast, and these nondiscriminating critters are making themselves at home just about anywhere!

The elusive bed bug

The first step to eradicating these pests is to confirm their presence in your home or business. If you wake up with what you believe to be bed bug bites, then you’ve got probable cause to search the premises for the hungry culprit. But this can be more of a challenge than you might think.

Bed Bugs are nocturnal, actively feeding at night while keeping out of sight during the daytime. This behavior allows the parasites to feed on their human hosts without interruption. Since these sneaky critters are experts at avoiding human detection, confirming the presence of bed bugs with the naked eye is extremely difficult.

The bed bug beagle

Luckily, there is a solution! And an adorable one at that. As the bed bug epidemic spreads across the United States, the use of alternative methods of detection is also becoming more widespread. One of the most successful methods of finding these hidden pests is canine detection – like Leroy of the Bed Bug Solutions team!

Canines like Leroy are far more successful at finding bed bugs in any location, searching every corner of every room. Bed bug detection dogs have a detection rate of up to 95 percent! Compared to a human detection rate of 15 to 30 percent, it is clear who you would better off trusting!

How it works

Dogs, and hounds in particular, are renowned for their sense of smell. Beagles are especially well equipped in the olfactory senses when it comes to honing in on that familiar musty bed bug stink. Pest-sniffing pups must be a success story – they’re all over the news!

Leroy, our NESDCA trained dog, is an invaluable member of the team here at Bed Bug Solutions. He is trained to seek out a single scent – bed bugs! When our canines team members like Leroy smell a bed bug hiding place, they alert their human partner who will visually confirm the presence of bed bugs. Together, they’re a team that can’t be beat!

If you suspect you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, don’t hesitate – call today so we can sniff them out!