The California Crop Damaging Fruit Fly | San Diego Pest Control

Recently a routine day for a California insect detection specialist turned interesting when the trapper discovered and confirmed multiple yellow stripped specimens known as the dangerous Oriental Fruit Fly.


The Oriental Fruit fly is dangerous to California due to the fact that when gone unchecked the pest can destroy crops and cause serious loses for the California agricultural community.

Oriental Fruit Flies typical lay their eggs inside about 230 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Once the egg hatches maggots will tunnel through the fruit or vegetable crop destroying the pulp and continuing into the soil. Once in the soil their life cycle continues harming by pupating the once fertile soil.

Local California officials claim that the biggest concern on crops from fruit flies is infestations of citrus and avocado orchids. California farmers rely on the citrus and avocado harvest heavily as last year these crops were valued at bringing in $154 million.

According to Priscilla Yeaney, deputy county agricultural commissioner in California, “Infestations can cause a complete loss of crops,”. Moreover Deputy Commissioner Yeaney claims that fruit flies often are spread in the arrival of fresh fruit or in soil that is shipped in packages by mail. Specifically the fruit or soil which may look benign could actually have fruit fly maggots or eggs beneath the surface.

The best course of defense against fruit flies in California is to cooperate with agricultural officials if they request to hang a trap on your property. Additionally if fruit flies are discovered on your California property it is essential to contact a pest control expert to help eradicate to infestation. For San Diego and Southern California’s best Pest Control Service contact Innovative Pest Solutions!