Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Invade California | Southern California Pest Control

Unfortunately there has been another species of dangerous and aggressive mosquito that has established itself in Orange County and other Southern California areas.


Timing could not be any worse as officials are still busy hunting down and attempting to eliminate the non-native and tropical species known as the Yellow Fever Mosquito. The invasive tropical Yellow Fever Mosquito has established swarms in pockets of Mission Viejo, Garden Grove and Santa Ana.

Now in addition to battling the Yellow Fever Mosquito Southern Californian’s will now have to also beware of the Asian Tiger Mosquito as this new species has been confirmed in multiple homes in Los Alamitos and an industrial park in Huntington Beach.

Unlike the native brown mosquitoes of Southern California which are relatively less harmful, the tropical mosquitoes, which are stripped in black and white, can potentially carry multiple viruses such as dengue fever and chikungunya which cause high fever and sever joint pain. Experts across California agree that the new mosquito invaders raise much cause for concern as beyond the potential health problems that can occur the mosquitoes are relentless nuisance biters!

Moreover experts are also quite miffed at the fact that changing temperatures seem to make no difference on the tropical mosquito populations. UC Davis entomologist Anthony Cornel had the following to state on the issue; “They’re active when the temperatures are in the 70s and when the temperatures are in the 80s; they’re active when it’s 100,”.

The mosquito invaders feed on human hosts and are even capable of breeding indoors spawning eggs in house plants with little to no water as their eggs can survive in dry conditions for up to a year!

If you have a mosquito problem at your home please contact a Pest Control professional and if located in Southern California contact the Mosquito Control Experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!