Southern California’s Scariest Bugs! | Southern California Pest Control

Southern California is known for lovely weather, great beaches, friendly people, and horrifying bugs!


Tarantulas are quite common in Southern California and mostly terrifying because of their large siza and hairy exterior. Aside from the shock one might go into from looking a tarantula their venom is relatively weak, however the tarantula can be dangerous if exposed to their bite for a long period of time.

The Tarantula Hawk is an enormous spider wasp that calls Southern California home. These large spider wasps have blue and black bodies with bright rust colored wings. Also the Tarantula Hawk has long legs with hooked claws to aide in hunting Tarantulas!

Black and Brown Widows also call Southern California home and have a long reputation of sending chills down a person’s spine. Both the Black and Brown Widow are distinguishable by their prominent hourglass shape and a marking on lower extremity. These spider have venom that is not nearly as dangerous as other creepy crawlies but a bite from a Black or Brown Widow is not any fun regardless!

Jerusalem Crickets are huge and frightening looking creatures. These flightless crickets are not venomous but do to their large size a bite from a Jerusalem Cricket would be painful!

Africanized Bees have also found their way to Southern California and are one of the most widely feared bugs on the planet! The Africanized Bee is dangerous because they are more easily provoked and quicker to attack in greater numbers than typical honeybees!

If you have seen these or any other nuisance pests at your Southern California home make sure to contact the pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!