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A Fulton County Elementary student suffered a Brown Recluse Spider bite after a negligent teacher brought the spider in to class. Talk about a twisted way for a teacher to conduct show and tell!

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According to the mother of the victim, Diandra Jones, the teacher in question ignored complaints by her student that she had been bitten by the spider. Furthermore it took Jones until that evening to realize something was seriously wrong with her daughter when she collapsed to the ground.

By this time the prognosis was dire as according to Jones the doctor said “…it’s a fifty-fifty chance that she will pull through and a fifty-fifty chance she won’t,”. Thankfully Jones’ daughter survived the ordeal but now she suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Jones has since filed a lawsuit over the situation and is mystified at how the teacher in question still holds her position at the school. Moreover Jones had the following to comment; “There is nobody suffering here but my children, this lady still has her job, the principal still has her job, everything still goes on and everything is still fine and dandy in their households.”

For whatever the reason the district does not have a policy preventing teachers from bringing poisonous animals into their classrooms and Jones finds that appalling. Jones exclaimed; “If a parent sends a child to school with a bruise you gonna report it, but why wouldn’t you report this to the Division of Family and Children Services?”

A Brown Recluse spider is a very dangerous creature and should never be brought into a classroom or home as a form of show and tell. If you are concerned with the spider population at your home or business please contact a pest control professional. If located in Southern California contact the general and commercial pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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