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Just after takeoff on a flight from Los Angeles to Portland a scorpion emerged on the plane and stung an unsuspecting female passenger.


While Alaskan Airlines flight 567 was routinely taxiing on the runway the scorpion stung the woman and forced the pilots to return the plane to the gate. Upon returning to the gate the woman was checked by medics and although she refused any further medical treatment she also did not get back on the plane.

According to a spokesperson for the airlines “The woman stomped the scorpion to death, and flight attendants checked overhead compartments for any additional unwanted arachnids, It’s unclear how the scorpion got on the plane, but the flight originated in Los Cabos, Mexico, where scorpions are common”.

The flight eventually took off about an hour late of schedule with no other incidents involving scorpions thankfully.

Also on the flight was Oregon State University’s Men’s Basketball team who witnessed the entire scorpion sting ordeal. According to Oregon State Coach Wayne Tinkle “The woman was a real champ, she acted like it was a mosquito bite. They got it off her, but the needle was stuck.”

Despite not returning to the flight the woman who was stung did survive the ordeal with little trauma.

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