Spider Attacks Mom At Zoo | Los Angeles Spider Control

After suffering a spider bite at the London zoo a British mom Elsa Fricker was rushed to the emergency room. Fricker was visiting the “In With The Spiders” exhibition when she was bit and started feeling nauseated and then suffered heart palpitations.


The mother of four feared something was wrong after feeling a sharp biting pain on her left hip and started to feel as if she would pass out. According to Fricker, “It grew massive and burst with lots of pus and blood. I’ve been extremely ill since.”. Moreover Fricker claims that since the incident she has been on three different antibiotics and “…had fever, dizziness, migraine and heart palpitations,”.

Unfortunately the doctors were unable to pinpoint exactly what type of spider it was that bit Fricker. The spiders in the London Zoo exhibit include Madagascan orb-weaver spiders and Australian golden orb spiders. According to a spokesperson for the London Zoo the spiders in the exhibit are “considered highly unlikely to bite.”

Often times in cases of insect bite disputes it’s a never ending blame game and the truth is not certain. The London Zoo has not been implicated as to having been careless or negligent with their insect exhibit but at any rate Elsa Fricker believes the bite was from some sort of spider and an investigation is still ongoing.

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