Bugs! It’s What’s For Dinner | Los Angeles Pest Control

Have you ever considered eating an insect? Well now you can in festivals in packaged insect candies available at many major retailers or at insect festivals across the nation. So now you can bite back at those itching biting insects that are normally the ones doing the biting!


With insect treats ranging from crickets, ants, and tarantulas everyone is sure to find a favorite sweet, salty, chocolaty, or even savory insect snack. Some of the most popular bug snacks include chocolate covered ants, real ants on a celery log, cricket and larva lollipops and many others.  There are even competing brands in the insect snack marketplace so if at first you can not find the right company and snack that works for you, you can try again!

With nearly thousands of species of edible insects some believe that insect meals would be a better alternative to livestock as many insects emit much fewer methane gases than the production of livestock.  The issue would be getting people to adjust to bug based diets.

Whether you want to eat the insects or just get them out of your house by more practical means we suggest contacting a pest control expert before ingesting any infesting insect! If you are located in Los Angeles contact the Los Angeles Pest Control Experts.