The Pests Of Southwest Golf And How To Avoid Them! | Southern California Pest Control

As if golf was not difficult enough on its own some courses unfortunately feature some of nature’s most annoying pests. In the southwest states of California and Arizona Golf is quite popular because it is home to some of the world’s greatest courses, unfortunately it is also home to wild animals and insects!


In general the most common pests southwestern golfers must beware of are Killer Bees and Ants. The killer bee, also referred to as Africanized, are an aggressive stinging insect that attack in numbers. The Africanized Killer Bee has been known to cause many problems on the California and Arizona golf course, often times causing injury, or stoppage of play.

Much like the killer bee ants, such as the Fire Ant, will attack in numbers and likes to hide in the California or Arizona grass of the course. The Fire Ant will bite your ankles and have you scratching and shanking all over the course.

If you happen to come into contact with a swarm of bees during play the best course of action is to seek shelter indoors if possible. If you run into a group of Ants on the course it is best to treat bites or welts with antihistamines or hydrocortisone. If you run into these or other pests off the course it is suggested that you contact a local pest control expert, and if you are located in Southern California contact Innovative Pest Solutions; The experts in bee and ant removal!