More Of Southern California’s Scariest Bugs! | Innovative Pest Control California

After reading the last post it should be obvious to residents and visitors of California that the state is full of intimidating and scary bugs. However if you were not convinced before the following will include details of four more bugs of Southern California that are sure to make your skin crawl!


Yellow Jacket Wasps are the brightly yellow and black colored sources of fear for many Southern Californians. Although many fear the Yellow Jacket on the same level as Killer Bees the Yellow Jacket Wasp is actually a lot more dangerous in terms of attacks and fatality statistics. The venom of a Yellow Jack Wasp sting is especially dangerous to humans so extreme caution is recommended if you ever encounter a Yellow Jacket.

Centipedes have often been the source material for nightmare and horror and Southern California Centipedes are no exception. The Centipede is often considered frightening due to their numerous legs which can range from 30 to about 354 creepy crawly legs! Centipedes also pack a painful bite which can cause severe swelling, chills, fever and weakness. Despite the killer look of a centipede fatality from one is unlikely.

Scorpions are one of the most commonly feared insects of Southern California and the world. There are over 1,000 known species of scorpion with 25 of those scorpion species having venom that is occasionally fatal to humans.

Camel Spiders are giant intimidating bugs of Southern California that are in fact more closely related to scorpions than to spiders. These frightening pests are the source material for many urban legends however they are not venomous. Despite their lack of venom the Camel Spider when seen is enough to send one into shock!

Regardless of which bug you fear the most if any of these pests or another nuisance pest is noticed at your home or business make sure to contact a pest control professional. If located in Southern California contact the Commercial and General Pest Control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!