Scuba Diving Beetles! | Inland Empire Pest Control

Have you ever wondered how certain beetles can survive underwater? The answer is a true marvel of nature. The Predaceous Diving Beetle can actually bring air underwater with them due to surface tension.


Contrary to common belief the predaceous Diving Beetle do not have gills like a fish to breathe underwater, but rather they bring their oxygen supply underwater with them! Similar to a human scuba diver the diving beetle has a supply of oxygen underwater but instead of a tank they use their wings to trap the air.

Moreover it is the diving beetles unique streamlined shape that allows them to drag air underwater by trapping air under their wing and utilizing the power of surface tension at the surface of a body or pool of water. While underwater the air provides the Predaceous Diving Beetle with the oxygen needed for their hunt for food. When the diving beetles air supply is depleted they return to the surface for a breath of fresh air!

Luckily for the Predaceous Diving Beetle they will never know the struggle of lugging fifty or more pounds of scuba gear around during a dive. If you have a burden weighing on you involving nuisance beetles, rodents, or any other pest contact a pest control expert in your area; if located in Inland Empire or Southern California contact the pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!

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