Super Powered Ants! | San Diego Pest Control

Recent studies have uncovered the interesting capabilities of ants when threatened by a predator. Ants are found to be capable of coordinating together as one super powered organism.


Ant colonies are extremely cooperative and complex which is why ants are often referred to as single organisms. To test the cooperative abilities of ants Thomas O’Shea-Wheller from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom simulated predator attacks on 30 migrating ant colonies.

Interesting findings from the studies showed that when scout ants were removed from the periphery of the colony the foraging ants in the colony retreated back to the nest, and when ants were removed from the center of the nest itself the entire colony fled for a new location.

Experts claim that the reactions of the ants in the study are parallel to a single organisms response to cell damage via pain, with ant colonies responding similarly to the loss of workers via group awareness.

Moreover the first scenario involving the loss of a scout ant is like burning your hand on the stove, and the second scenario is more similar to a scare of the entire house on fire.

In an official statement O’Shea-Wheller had the following to say “Ants react very differently, and in a coordinated fashion, to perceived predator attacks depending on their location. Just as we may respond to cell damage via pain, ant colonies respond to the loss of individuals via group awareness and reaction,”.

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