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Three restaurants in San Gabriel Valley have been temporarily closed due to the major public health risk of cockroach infestations.


According to the official report from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department the three restaurant have had their health permits suspended but not yet revoked.

In order for a reopen to be permitted the three infested restaurants must pass a new inspection that determines the problems have been fixed. Similar closures have occurred to restaurants during routine and even owner initiated inspections not just from complaint investigations.

The health department declined to provide specific details as to the nature of the cockroach infestations, as in how many or where in the facilities the cockroaches were found. However they did provide the names of the restaurants; Shu Feng Yuan, Seta, and Gen Korean BBQ.

When a restaurant is closed due to major health hazards such as cockroach infestations the facility is docked only four points so it is possible for a facility to have a A grade at the time of closure. In this case two of the restaurants were B grade and one was A grade according to health standards at the time of closure.

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