San Diego Drought Brings Invasion Of Ants! | California Ant Control

Many residents across San Diego and all along the California coast are having to deal with a recent invasion of ants! The unfortunate scenario bringing about an increase of ants is the historic drought that California has been experiencing.


Although ants always seem to be bothersome they are worst during the summer months when water is scarce and food most be foraged for in a more nuisance like manner. Often times San Diego or California residents will try to solve their ant problems on their own with store bought chemicals. Often times these do it yourself attempts prove more trouble than they are worth and a local California ant control expert is needed.

A few household remedies that might help combat the invasion of ants during the summer are using chalk and vinegar. Just like our grandparents used to do you can draw a line of chalk or lay down some vinegar as a barrier to keep out the ant pests. The talc in the chalk and the acidity in the vinegar act as natural deterrents to ward off the ants. However if you notice that your household remedies are not getting the job done we recommend calling an expert.

Often times the summer ant invasion can lead to pest being a nuisance to our household pets as well. The best solution is to be cautious of your pets food and water bowls and to use extreme cation if using store bought pesticides. Furthermore it is recommended to contact an expert in the California ant and pest control field.