The Bed Bug Nightmare Of Hotels | California Bed Bug News

One of the largest concerns in the hospitality industry today is the fear of bed bug infestation. If becoming infested with bed bugs themselves was not bad enough hotels also have to worry about the problems that come with the pest. For example online hotel reviews which will cause damage to a hotels reputation when it becomes public that they are known for having bed bugs. Furthermore researchers, Michael Potter and Jerrod Penn claim that a hotel showing reports of bedbugs will lower its hotel room value by $21 for leisure travelers and $38 for business travelers.


Moreover, the study also showed that one of the biggest concern from travelers was bed bugs. In fact the study showed that if an actual bed bug was found that it led to the number one reason why a traveler would leave a hotel.

Additionally the study asked respondents whether or not hotels should be required to inform travelers about whether a room has had prior problems with bed bugs and 19 percent answered no. According to Potter “The problem with that logic, is that it’s often difficult or impossible to know whether it’s been resolved … There’s no 100 percent guarantee assured way that you can wave a wand in that room and say all these bedbugs are gone.”

Regardless of whether your a traveler, hotel owner, or homebody if you have a bed bug problem the best course of solution is always to contact a local bed bug expert!

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