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Often times bed bug infestations in apartments or rented homes can turn into the blame game between renter and tenant. However for a one Fayetteville woman the blame game is now being taken to the courts to decide.

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Local renter Tessie Tull claims “Those Bugs are crawling on you while you’re sleeping and you don’t know about it… I have scars on my arms, all over my arms too.” According to Tull her apartment came fully furnished along with a full blown bed bug infestation and when she asked to move the landlords blamed the bed bugs on her!

Tull claims “They basically said that once I signed the lease, it was my responsibility.”. Furthermore Tull says that when she breached the contract of her lease she received a bill for three months rent and bill for bed bug treatment.

Tull has since filed a lawsuit and is hopeful that this type of problem will not happen to others. The trial has been set but according to Tull’s attorney the law is not making things easy. Tull’s former landlords, The Lindsay Management group, declined to comment on the trial.

Although often times bed bug infestations do not need the courts to eradicate the issue it is always better to prevent a bed bug problem from getting any worse than it already is. If bed bug activity is suspected always contact a trusted local bedbug expert!

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