Race Horse Suffers Spider Bite | Los Angeles Pest Control

Eight year old horse racing veteran horse Smokin’ Joey is ready to put the past behind and focus on the future. Smokin’ Joey recently suffered an internal bleed that sidelined the horse for Memsie Stakes 1400 meter.


Then at the Makybe Diva Stakes 1600 meter race Smokin’ Joey suffered a strained hamstring that sidelined him for that event. If these problems were not enough for Smokin’ Joey and trainer Wez Hunter, Smokin’ Joey then sustained a spider bite that would sideline the race horse for the Emirates Stakes.

In regards to the circumstances Hunter said “It’s just been one thing after another and then more recently we were aiming him towards the Emirates Stakes and he was bitten by a spider,”.

Hunter then went on to say; “It’s been a bit frustrating but we’ve got him back now and I’m pretty happy with him. He’s a resilient old horse. After the spider bite his leg was the size of a tree trunk but he’s all good now and hopefully we can salvage something…”

Smokin’ Joey is currently on the mend and trainers are eying a comeback possibly in Perth; or they will hold out until a reasonable 1300 meter race comes up to ease Smokin’ Joey back into racing.

Best of wishes to Smokin’ Joey and team, it is a shame that a nasty spider bite held them back.

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