Mother And Child Battle Cockroach Infestation | General Pest Control California

A young single mother and her baby who have been living in a cockroach infested cabin in South Auckland New Zealand have finally moved up on the priority housing list.


20 year old Gynieva Kalolo reported that her baby, Dillinger, had contracted scabies relating to the cockroach infestation. Since suffering from scabies the child has been hospitalized with bronchitis and is set to remain under the care of physicians until the ordeal subsides.

Due to the severity of the cockroach infestation and in consideration of the trauma sustained by Gynieva and Dillinger, New Zealand Work and Income has agreed to move the single mother and child up on the new housing priority list. Gynieva is hopeful that they will be in a new home within the next few weeks.

It has been especially difficult for Gynieva to rent a suitable home for her and her child due to hardships that plague many single parents. According to Gynieva her problems stemmed from being a single mother, being currently unemployed, and lacking any substantial renting history that most private renters require.

As it stands there are around 2,200 applicants currently awaiting placement into a new home with Housing New Zealand. However for Gynieva and Dillinger the horrors of a cockroach infestation at their current home makes should make them a priority applicant.

It is quite unfortunate that the struggles of a single mother should include battling a cockroach infestation, however the battle does not have to be fought alone! Contacting a professional pest control expert to help exterminate a cockroach infestation is always the best course of action whenever cockroach activity is suspected. For general pest control California or to contact a San Diego Pest Control and Cockroach Exterminator contact Innovative Pest Solutions!