Architects Taking Tips From Termites | Orange County Pest Control

In the green times we live in modern architects are often most interested in creating eco-conscious structures. In nature the most eco-conscious builders are termites who create self-regulating structures that maintain oxygen levels, temperature, and humidity.


After studying the termite mound construction many architects would now like to adapt the termite ingenuity for their own designs.

The way termite mounds maintain adequate oxygen levels is through its network of holes, as the sun moves across the sky the air in the thinner chimneys on the outer edges of the mound heat up quickly while the air in the mounds central chimney keeps the place cool. Hot air is able to rise out through outer chimneys while the cool air sinks into the central chimney. Air is continuously circulated with oxygen being pumped in an carbon dioxide being flushed out. Then once the sun has set the process reverses as the outer chimneys cool quicker than the central chimney.

Architects desire to mimic the building strategies of termites in order to drastically improve energy efficiency in newly design buildings. According to Rupert Soar, bio-mimetic expert at Nottingham Trent University, “Ultimately, we want to bring termite ventilation to buildings because it would allow the buildings to breathe freely,”.

One of the biggest obstacles architects speculate is that building the structures will be more difficult than designing them, however once large scale 3-D printing takes off there could be a man-made termite mound coming to a town near you!

Despite the inspiration termites bring to man, they also bring their burden of destruction to homes and structures. For an expert termite in your area contact a pest control professional; if located in Southern California contact Innovative Pest Solutions!

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