Movin’ On Up: Uptown Apartment Bed Bugs | California Bed Bug News

After noticing a bed bug infestation a Charlotte man was forced to leave his upscale apartment to stay in a hotel room. Tommy Brown says that he chose to live in an upscale apartment to hoping to avoid situations like this. Now he wants the complex to pay for his bed bug issue.

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Brown claims that “I was sitting on my sofa watching playoffs and I saw two bugs crawling on my arms.” Brown then contacted the management at the Quarterside apartments and an exterminator was sent out. Then according to Brown “The apartment complex told me that I need to pay $1,200 for pest control in my apartment or I was going to be evicted.”.

Brown insists that the bed bugs came from a neighbor who recently moved out and that the complex is responsible. The complex states the opposite claiming that Brown had the only infested unit. To make matters more confusing the agreement Brown was given to sign after the problem was discovered also implicated that the neighboring unit would be inspected and treated if necessary. However the last bit of evidence that might vindicate the complex is documentation provided by management stating that no bed bugs were actually found in the neighboring unit; and that treatment of that unit was only carried out due to its close proximity Mr. Brown’s.

It seems like whenever the unfortunate discovery of bed bugs arises it becomes a blame game of tenants and landlords. The best defense against bed bugs is proactive awareness of your own surroundings in home and the surroundings outside the home as many times the bed bug will just hitch a ride home. Moreover if bed bugs are discovered make sure to notify a local bed bug expert.