Free Furniture, Free Bed Bugs! | California Bed Bug Control

Many communities have bulk trash days every so often where all the old and unwanted items are left out on the curb. Maybe you have even noticed those miscellaneous mattresses or couches floating around out there, but beware of the “free” furniture because they might also come with free bed bugs!


In brief a bed bug is a pest that is small and reddish brown in color and one that feed on human blood. Bed bugs got there name by often times residing inside our bedroom mattresses as this is closet and most convenient spot to their food source, you! However you should also beware of bed bugs in your box spring, bed frame, headboards, dressers, nightstands, or anywhere a person might spend an elongated amount of time.

Thus, all those free furniture goodies on the side of the road potentially could be home to a bed bug infestation. Furthermore, once a bed bug infestation has occurred at your home they can be difficult to get rid of so the risk of free furniture does not seem to be worth the reward.

Additionally if you are a renter and suspect bed bugs, notify your landlord or building inspector and if you are a homeowner make sure to call a bed bug expert if any bed bug activity is suspected.

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