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The Pollinators

It’s the bees, yellow jackets and wasps that have placed some of Chicago’s suburban communities in the top ten ranking for stinging insects. The statistics were formed by the area calls from a local company that requested treatment for the little stingers. Libertville was at the top with calls at 18% and it was a tie for last with Palatine and Naperville being named with 6 %

A large house gives these insects plenty of area to hide out and nest. If you happen to live by an open vegetation area, this can play a role in it too. If you don’t want these stinging insects camping out at your place you will need to check your home on a regular basis. Holes and cracks are major attractions to these flying stingers. If a hive is found it is important to use as little chemical as possible to avoid any collateral damage on your gardens or flowers which is a feeding ground for other insects. One has to come to terms with not all insects are pests. A fact to remember is that bees and wasps are a benefit to our environment and are needed to pollinate. A question to ask your self is, “What would we do without them?” For maore information on bees, wasps and yellow jackets click here