Super Rats Could Be On The Rise | Commercial Pest Control In California

Two foot long super rats could be on the rise according to experts. These large rats are immune to most all poisons and have teeth that can chew through a car’s break lines.


The warmer part of the year allows for these super rats to breed where they please, and once the colder seasons hit these super rats become eager to escape the chill finding shelter in homes!

Despite the recent news reports of a giant mutant rat found in Penryn, Cornwall earlier this year and other similar reports of giant rats scurrying around American Universities some experts feel that the giant rat scare is merely over exaggerated fear.

Chief Executive of the National Pest Technicians Association John Davison explains that; “If it is exceptionally big, it is not a rat, it is something else. Indigenous rats are the same size as they have always been. If it something bigger it is probably a coconut rat from another country. …When people report seeing rats as big as dogs that can eat cats, it is all rubbish. Amusing, but rubbish all the same.”.

Nevertheless there have been a few more than normal giant rat reports circling the globe which has homeowners on edge due to the disease and fear associated with rats.

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