Look Out For Insects In Your Christmas Tree | Orange County Pest Control

With the unseasonably warm winter season across the nation brings an increase in ticks and mites in Christmas trees.

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Every year homeowners bring beautiful Christmas trees into their homes to brighten up the season however because of the warm weather homeowners could be bringing something in with the Christmas tree; hidden insects!

Many businesses rely on sales related to the Christmas season to help make ends meet at years end. One company Troy’s landscaping typically sells over 1,500 trees each year. However this winter they have been off to a mild start and without the snow to help brush off branches of insects, more trees than usual will have ticks and mites settled in.

Tree salesman Justin Burbube had the following to comment regarding insects in the trees; “They can shake them out, if they are nervous, they can go home, set it up in their garage for a day or two. If your garage is warm enough, if there are ticks, that may help them get out.”

Most importantly if you do find bugs on your Christmas tree do not spray pesticide on the tree. Not only can it be toxic to breathe but it is a fire risk when in conjunction with Christmas tree lights.

According to Burbube we should “Just be vigilant, you check your kids and your dog that you aren’t getting anything like that. A lot of places are like us. They do a good job of making sure that you don’t get the ticks.”

If you have a Christmas tree at your home that came along with some unwanted pests make sure to contact a local pest control professional. If located in Southern California contact the Orange County, LA, and San Diego general and commercial pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions!