Giant Cave Spider Calls California Home | Commercial Pest Control In California

As recent as 2012 came the discovery of a new species of spider called the Trogloraptor. This giant cave dwelling spider was reported being discovered by curator of Arachonology Charles Griswold, postdoctoral researcher Joel Ledford, and graduate student Tracy Audisio all from the California Academy of Sciences.


The discovery of the Trogloraptor spider is so unique because not only is the Trogloraptor a new species but it is also the first member of a new family of spiders called Trogloraptoridae.

The Trogloraptor, also known as the Cave Robber Spider, lives in caves along the Pacific coast from California to British Columbia.

The large raptorial claws suggest that the giant cave spider is a fierce specialized predator. When the Trogloraptors legs are fully extended the spider is approximately four centimeters wide and able to build webs on cave ceilings.

The trouble with researching a new species is first finding a new species and then tracking down the species unique qualities amongst the body of work which defines all of the world’s known species.

The historic discovery of the Trogloraptor illuminated a specimen with a unique evolutionary path that adapted as such that the spider lived most of its life suspended from a cave ceiling. Additionally the talon like claws are one environmental adaptation that has never been seen in any arachnid species before which has the researchers jumping for joy!

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