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Some of the creatures that roam the earth today are quite terrifying to live alongside with, such as spiders, scorpions, lions, and tigers, and bears oh my. However these creatures seem tame when stacked up against the prehistoric monsters than used to roam the Earth.

Innovative Scoprion

If you think the scorpions of today are frightening just be glad that you never had to ran across the Monstrous Sea Scorpion or the Killer Land Scorpion, two incredible and horrifying prehistoric scorpions.

The Monstrous Sea Scorpion was a scorpion the size of a crocodile and a predator not to be taken lightly. J. Rhenaniea, or Sea Scorpion, fossils were first discovered as recent as 2007 in Germany and from what scientists can tell the Sea Scorpion was roughly eight feet in length! Moreover the Monstrous Sea Scorpion had pincers that were more than 18 inches long. Scientists believe the Sea Scorpion roamed the sea up until the Permian extinction 250 million years ago.

The Killer Land Scorpion, or the P. Kirktonensis, was another feared scorpion predator of prehistoric times. This scorpion however made its home on land and was believed to have a length of over two feet! Scientists believe the Killer Land Scorpion thrived up until the Devonian period around 400 million years ago.

Both of these prehistoric scorpions had power that was equaled only by their ability to strike fear into their prey. These monster scorpions are so feared in fact we are still talking about them millions of years after extinction!

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