Itchy Bites – Is it Bed Bugs?

Itchy Bites – Is it Bed Bugs?

With all the hubbub about bed bugs, many people are on high alert for the little buggers. Managing a home or business is enough to worry about without the problem of bed bugs to deal with. Even if you have been taking every precaution against critters, when you wake up with itchy red bumps you have to wonder, “did I let the bed bugs bite?”

There can be many causes for itchy skin, from dermatitis to mosquito bites to an allergic reaction to…bed bugs. But how do you know whether or not your itchy bites are cause for bedbug concern?

Inspect the bite

Bed bugs are notoriously stealthy, injecting your skin with anesthetic at the site of the bit to ensure their dinner feast is uninterrupted. The sleeping human meal remains blissfully unaware of the preying bed bugs until morning when fresh itchy bites arouse suspicion. By this time, the pesky pests have taken cover.

Because every person is different, different people’s bed bug bites are also unique. While these welts tend to resemble other insect bites, there are a few defining features to look for if you think you’ve been bitten by a bed bug.

Bed bug bites manifest as raised, red bumps that are painless at first before becoming quite itchy. These bites are found on any area of the body that is exposed during sleep, appearing either scattered or in a straight line across the skin.

These welts might closely resemble a flea bite or mosquito bite, so often the red herrings when investigating the true cause of the itch. If you wake up with red spots that were not present the night before, it might be time to look more closely for bed bugs.

Confirm the Culprit

The only way to be sure that bed bugs are the cause of your skin discomfort is to search the premises for an infestation and positively identify the pests. For the greatest accuracy of bed bug detection, call Bed Bug Solutions today and ask for Leroy!

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